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*repeat repeat makes Rolling Stone's 'Bonnaroo 2018: 31 Best Things We Saw' list!

By: Jon Freeman, Elias Leight, Joseph Hudak, Adam Gold, Maura Johnston, Brittney McKenna.

Most Enthusiastic Rockers: *repeat repeat

"Led by husband-and-wife duo Jared and Kristyn Corder, Nashville rockers *repeat repeat managed to win over the blister-footed crowd at the club-sized Who Stage, even after four dusty, muddy, sleep-deprived days. Whether drinking beer handed up to the stage by audience members or leading call-and-response routines with the fury of a revival preacher, Jared worked the stage with a zeal seldom seen since the heyday of The Hold Steady's Craig Finn. Kristyn played foil, contributing quirky harmonies to the band's punchy brand of surf-punk. Nodding to at least one inspiration for the verve and gusto of their live show, the band called up Nashville up-and-comer R.LUM.R to bust out a guitar solo on the band's psych-rock rave-up "Everybody's Falling in Love" and a spirited, set-closing cover of The Hives' "Tick Tick Boom." A.G."


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