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J. Marco

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Long before moving to Nashville and kicking off his songwriting career, J. Marco listened to
records in his Massachusetts bedroom, moving between the fast-moving fuzz of punk-rock and
the hard-hitting hooks of pop music. Years later, he combines both of those genres on Myth, his
debut release as a solo artist.

Inspired by a range of influences — including the Strokes, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and
seminal book The Hero with a Thousand Faces by mythologist Joseph Campbell — Myth finds
J. Marco pulling triple-duty as singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist. He covers a good deal of
ground along the way, from the synth-pop of the album's propulsive single, "The Void" to the
anthemic rock & roll of "Long Way Down" "Stranger in the Night" & "Cast Away" Gluing the entire album together is an emphasis on guitar riffs and undeniable melodies, the same two ingredients that connected most of Marco's
childhood influences.

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