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Cody Lovaas

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Cody Lovaas is a no-nonsense songwriter. When he’s got a guitar in hand or he’s behind the mic, he’s all business—he’s atypically studious about the pop music he listens to and draws influence from, and he’s even more serious about breaking any mold critics would try to fit him in. When he wants to relax and hang out with his friends, though, you can find him at the beach, surfboard in hand. And while some might view the seriousness and dedication Cody puts into his songwriting as contrary to his love of the ocean, of catching waves and simply letting go, this perception couldn’t be more off-base. In fact, it’s this duality that keeps the young star unpretentious and gives his burgeoning career meaning: there’d be no Cody Lovaas, incredibly talented musician, without Cody Lovaas, easygoing SoCal surfer.

“I guess music and surfing are mixed for me; they’re very related,” Cody says of this dichotomous personality—the laidback surfer dude versus the serious songster. “Surfing is something that keeps me humble and keeps me grounded and keeps me in love with the earth and music is something that helps me express everything else that’s going on in my life.”

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